Support Programs for Ruckus Products

Ruckus Networks’ support offerings help customers ensure their networks run at peak performance.  Our goal is to provide you with the right blend of services, tools & technical support to enable you to deliver on your business goals. 

Whether you are a small enterprise or Fortune 500, our team of experienced Ruckus Support engineers are here to provide responsive and knowledgeable support. We also offer additional complementary tools and resources, like the Ruckus Diagnostic Dashboard, that gives you the capabilities and confidence to support your network and the services you deliver.

Ruckus world class support

We offer 3 distinct tiers to our support offerings.  WatchDog is our base level support offering.  It provides the right blend of Technical Support and SLA flexibility to meet most customer needs.

For those customers who rely on their networks in mission critical situations or who operate in highly-complex environments, we offer an additional tier of service called BullDog.  BullDog builds on the foundation provided by WatchDog by creating a more personalized interaction and a proactive approach to support.

In addition to WatchDog and BullDog, Ruckus also offers Partner Support options that allow our partners to use their unique skills and services to provide a differentiated support experience for customers.  The end user engages the partner directly, with Ruckus providing assistance as needed to the partner.

The links below can be used to learn more about these programs:

WatchDog Support Guide for Wired and Wireless Products

This guide provides an overview of WatchDog Support for both Wired and Wireless products.

BullDog Support Guide for Wired and Wireless Products

This guide provides an overview of BullDog Support for Wired and Wireless products.

Associate Partner Support for Wireless Products

This support program is designed for Ruckus Partners with qualified technical support personnel who can provide support for Ruckus products. The Associate Partner provides at least the Level 1 support to end users.

End of Life Policy for Ruckus Products

The EOL policy applies to all Ruckus Wired and Wireless products.  Additional details can be found in the EOL policy document.

Warranty Policy and Software License Agreement for Ruckus Wireless and Switching Products

Ruckus Warranty, Software License Agreement & FAQs

Our warranty documentation describes the entitlements and benefits provided to purchasers of Ruckus equipment.  These terms can vary by product family and coverage.  Please review the document below to learn more.

For answers to frequently asked questions on the Ruckus Warranty, including which products are covered by the Standard or Limited Lifetime Warranty, please see the FAQ document.

Ruckus Support Service Terms

Click Here for Access to the Ruckus Support Service Terms.

Get Access and Support Policies

Some content is only available to Partner and End User Support customers. If you are a Support customer, please register to receive your login credentials. These credentials are used for both the Support Portal, as well as the Support Forums. Please note, Software Upgrades are available only to contracted Support customers.

Support contracts must be attached to products promptly after sale, and support coverage must be maintained continuously in order to ensure access to technical assistance and software upgrades.  For more information on support policies, please click here.

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