Getting The Most Out Of The Ruckus Support Website

Welcome to the Ruckus Support site! We hope you won't need any help using the site, but here are a few tips for getting the most out of it.

  1. Register for an account! Anyone can register for a Guest level account (no purchase necessary). Registration gets you many benefits including the ability to download software updates for products, access to post to our support forums and ability to track your warranty registrations
  2. Activate your support contracts for Premium access. If you've purchased Ruckus WatchDog support, you should have received an email with a support activation code. Activating your support contract will upgrade your account to Premium level immediately. Premium access allows you full access to Technical Support, Knowledge Base and Software Upgrades & Updates.
  3. Register your products in the Warranty Registration portal - this will actually increase your access level to Premium if you register a product that's still under the limited SW warranty (usually 90-days) - even without a WatchDog support contract.  However, your account will revert back to Guest level once that warranty runs out. To ensure continuous Premium access, we recommend a WatchDog support contract for your Ruckus equipment.

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